Spending the day in Brisbane like a local – Blending in!

Located in the banks of the Brisbane River the city is a popular tourist destination. Read on to know how you could spend a day in Brisbane Like a local.

Blending in by  : MabelAmber via PixabayCreative Commons CC0

Check in to an edgy accommodation option,

Rather than checking into a resort or a hotel check in to an aparthotel the likes of Oaks Festival Towers which is an alternative to a hotel accommodation in Brisbane CBD. This gives you an opportunity for you to spend a home like stay and lets you explore more as would go out more to explore the city.

Explore the local gathering spots

Do a bit of a research and find the places where locals usually gather. Getting to these places will allow you to meet new people and witness a day in the lives of Australian people. If you are wondering where to begin, located at the heart of Brisbane, Albert lane is a good place to start.

Eat like a local

Brisbane is filled with eateries and food stalls that offer simple and delicious Australian food. Australia is a country which is ethnically diverse and cities like Brisbane is home to people who belong to different cultures making it a melting pot for cuisines from all around the globe.

Visit the cities attractions!

Brisbane is home to numerous places of interests such as galleries, museums, viewpoints and so much more. Each one of them is equally awesome and locals would visit these places very often to relax and to break out of their routines. As a tourist, you should also visit these places which will definitely be an experience worth your while.



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Bar Crawling in Brisbane City – Here comes the night!

The bar scene in Brisbane is as lively and eclectic as the city itself. When visiting Brisbane, explore the streets and discover some of these incredible rooftop bars in the city!’

Sazerac Bar Mirror| Img via FlickrCC BY 2.0

Elixir Rooftop Bar

Located at the notorious Fortitude Valley entertainment precinct, this unique bar is an experience like no other in terms of ambience and execution. Adorned with plants that are in turn adorned with lights, the venue is walking distance from many city properties like Oaks Festival Towers. Somehow the simplistic décor adds to the finesse of the experience and makes it seem even more uniquely exquisite.

Brooklyn Standard

Apart from being a fantastic place to have drinks and a fun night out with friends, the Brooklyn Standard is also one of the best spots to enjoy live music. This American themed underground venue located on Eagle Lane is within easy reach of hotel accommodation in Brisbane CBD. Here you will find live music from blues to jazz, six nights out of seven, the perfect accompaniment to your cocktail concoctions or choice of whiskey.

Up on Constance

A hop and a skip away from Limes is a rooftop bar that will surely captivate you with their striking seats with Chevron-stripes and lively colours. A place that is just as likely as the views it offers awaits you at the terrace that forms this incredible establishment.

Sazerac Bar

As far as altitude is concerned, this bar is the undisputed champion since it is situated thirty-floors high, offering unparalleled views of the city. Their meticulously crafted beverages and tantalizing range of tapas are a clear complement to the stellar scenery




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