Historical Bungalows in Singapore – The Black and White Houses

One of Southeast Asia’s most popular tourist destinations is the city-state of Singapore. Driven by its thriving financial and commercial sectors, Singapore is a highly urbanized state with many amazing features. From historic landmarks to a host of modern entertainment and recreational attractions, there are many things to do while spending a vacation in Singapore. For a tranquil stay in luxury long stay apartments in Singapore make a booking at The Heritage Singapore.
Singapore was a colony of the British Empire from 1824 to 1959, and during this time the British built many buildings and houses in Singapore for official and residential purposes. Many of these old buildings are still in existence and, after being refurbished, now form attractions in themselves. Of these landmarks some of the popular historical structures are the historical bungalows; the black and white houses.

The black and white houses/bungalows is the name given to the type of bungalows the colonial British built in Southeast Asian nations such as Malaysia and Singapore. Reflecting a fusion of the British Arts and Crafts and ArtDeco styles, the historical bungalows of Singapore are structures with a great heritage. With beautiful open verandahs, tiled roofs, long corridors flanked by archways and beautifully crafted wooden doors and windows, a visit to these black and white bungalows will take you back to the days of colonial Singapore. Many of these bungalows were the official residencies of state officials or served as important offices, so make sure you look into the history of some of these bungalows. One can visit the stylishly refurbished black and white bungalows at Rochester Park, the army bungalows at Ridley Park, the office bungalows at Malcolm Road, and the black and white bungalows of British Army colonels at the Swiss Cottage Estate.

The historical bungalows of Singapore are symbols of its colonial heritage; structures of a bygone era. They hold in them historic stories and secrets, so make sure you pay them a visit.

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