Free things to do in Brisbane – A city for everyone

Exploring Brisbane should not be a pricy affair. The city holds multiple attractions and things to do for free.

Brisbane skyline blue sky| Img via Wikimedia Commons 

Explore the city with a greater

Seen those friendly folks in red T-shirts? Then you probably might have come across a greet a group of volunteers who will guide you Brisbane’s different attractions.

Head along to a free Christmas festival

With the holiday season just around the corner escape to wonderland, far away from the cold winter weather and buzzing with free events and activities for everyone from all ages.

Play with the Cube at the QUT

Just 11 mins away from the Oaks Woolloongabba this interactive Cube at the QUT is designed to inspire the next generation of innovative thinkers and to encourage creative hands-on learning.

Catch the sunrise at Mt Coot-ha

Drive uphill before dawn and catch a breathtaking view of Brisbane when the world takes on a new day, Mt Coot-ha is just under 10 km away from Woolloongabba. Hotel prices and availability may change according to the location.

Queensland Art Gallery and Gallery of Modern Art

With exhibits varying to both ends of the historical spectrum from contemporary pieces to those of the QAGGMA is one of Brisbane’s most interesting attractions. Entrance is free even though the museum hosts a variety of world-class exhibits time and time again.



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