Explore Hong Kong like a Local – Experience the City’s Fines Wonders

Hong Kong is described as the place where East meets West, due to the strong mainly Cantonese roots as well as the city’s British-colonial heritage. There’s so much to see and do in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Skyline | Image Credit - Diliff, , CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikipedia Commons

Hong Kong Skyline | Image Credit – Diliff, , CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikipedia Commons

Climb a Mountain

Many would discover to their surprise that Hong Kong is a fairly mountainous region, and a mini hiking-expedition is a great way to start off your day. Lantau Peak is one of the best mountains to tackle, and boasts some exceptional places to catch the sunrise. There are 5 star hotels in Hong Kong within easy reach of Lantau Peak, such as The Murray, Hong Kong.

Enjoy a Traditional Hong Kong Breakfast

The cuisine of Hong Kong is unique but I’m sure you would find it familiar and comforting in many ways as well. Hong Kong cuisine is heavily influenced by both Cantonese and Western styles, with the latter concerning predominantly British influences. Establishments such as Australia Dairy Company are renowned as breakfast hotspots.

Visit ‘Poho’

Situated west of the iconic SoHo area is the lesser known district of Po Hing Fong, also known as ‘PoHo’. This is where you can explore a lot of Hong Kong’s uniquely creative industries such as art galleries, hip cafés and restaurants as well as many vintage buildings.

Sail on an Antique Vessel

Hong Kong’s sea-faring history is legendary, and you can experience what it’s like to sail on a vintage ‘junk’, through many entities such as Aqua Luna.

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