Explore Galle Culture – the vibrant cultural heritage!

Rich in its cultural heritage, Galle is the must- visit coastal city in the Southern province of Sri Lanka. A traveller looking for a hotel in Galle would find Era Beach as a perfect Galle boutique hotel of their choice which would let you make the best of your holiday to the south of the island. Blended with the local cultural features, Galle still resembles the cultural transformation it underwent during the colonial rule. The Galle fort and its surroundings are shaped according to this historical background. Galle being home to a multi- ethnic and multi- cultural community, boasts a vivid art and craft tradition. Do not forget to enjoy a low country dance performance and a puppet show when you are in this vibrant city. Being a prime fishing community, the cultural background and the way of life of these southerners mainly evolved around their livelihood. Like in all the other parts of the island, the people in Galle are warm-hearted, friendly and hospitable.


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