Discover the historic landmarks of Doha! – A whole new world

Doha, Qatar is a significant place full of iconic locations and experiences that will definitely leave you with wonder. Want to know more about the historic landmarks here?

Al Zubarah Fortress

Located amidst an endless surrounding of sand is the Al Zubarah Fortress. Reachable by a camel ride, the location boasts an atmosphere of energy and history. Regular presentations are held here for tourists to better understand the rich history behind this fortress.

Al Wakra Museum

While you’re enjoying your stay at any of the Doha hotels in the area such as the Banana Island Resort Doha by Anantara, mark this as a must see. It features some of the best architecture in all of Qatar. The Al Wakra Museum highlights various captivating artefacts that are rich in historical significance.

Barzen Towers

Showcasing exceptional architecture and splendid engineering, the Barzen Towers are utterly magnificent. A special highlight here is the view right from the top.

Katara Mosque

Located right in the centre of the Katara Cultural Village site, you can witness some of the most delightful architectural pieces in the Middle East. A mosaic of blue tiles with little hints of red and yellow, its design is unlike most of the mosques found here.

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