Discover the historic landmarks of Doha! – A whole new world

Doha, Qatar is a significant place full of iconic locations and experiences that will definitely leave you with wonder. Want to know more about the historic landmarks here?

Al Zubarah Fortress

Located amidst an endless surrounding of sand is the Al Zubarah Fortress. Reachable by a camel ride, the location boasts an atmosphere of energy and history. Regular presentations are held here for tourists to better understand the rich history behind this fortress.

Al Wakra Museum

While you’re enjoying your stay at any of the Doha hotels in the area such as the Banana Island Resort Doha by Anantara, mark this as a must see. It features some of the best architecture in all of Qatar. The Al Wakra Museum highlights various captivating artefacts that are rich in historical significance.

Barzen Towers

Showcasing exceptional architecture and splendid engineering, the Barzen Towers are utterly magnificent. A special highlight here is the view right from the top.

Katara Mosque

Located right in the centre of the Katara Cultural Village site, you can witness some of the most delightful architectural pieces in the Middle East. A mosaic of blue tiles with little hints of red and yellow, its design is unlike most of the mosques found here.

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Transportation in Doha – How to Get Around

Planning on heading for a holiday or business trip in Doha? Here is everything you need to know about the transport available in the dynamic capital of Qatar!

Bus Services

The city lays claim to an extensive bus system operated by a state-owned company called Mowasalat which run through most major towns with a route that ends by the Saudi border. The main terminal is located in the downtown area and would prove to be a good way to experience the pace and vibe of the metropolitan.

Car Hire

Many reputed local and international car firms operate in Qatar. Most of the five-star hotels in Doha including the likes of Banana Island Resort Doha by Anantara would recommend reputable rental agencies upon enquiries by guests.


The most popular way to get around when your visiting on a holiday would be to hail yourself a taxi. Fares start at 10 Riyals, and most of the vehicles happen to be sedans or the likes and make for comfortable rides.

Shuttle Network

Launched by Qatar’s Ministry of Transport for the West Bay district, the shuttle serves as a good transport choice for residents and tourists alike. Some iconic landmarks it covers on its route include Dafna Towers and The Doha Exhibition and Convention Centre.

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Top Things to do in Doha City – a diverse guide of things to do in Doha

One of the best things to do in Doha is to try and observe its rich and vibrant history. There are numerous forts which pay tribute to the heritage of the country while exhibiting the strength of the architectural expertise that thrived there in the past. The Doha Fort is one such place that showcases a mind-boggling array of fishing boats, various handicraft items, ornaments carved out of gypsum as well as wood and many other intricate items. The Al Zubara Fort and its museum also showcase many items of historical significance. Many of the luxury hotels in Doha such as the Banana Island Resort Doha by Anantara and others, may be able to give travellers a chance to take a tour of these ancient sites as part of their recreational activities.

Shopping is another activity that you should try out while in Doha. The many souqs piled high with treasures of gold, spices and various exotic silks, constitute a magical land of narrow paths and noisy bargains. On the other hand, if you wish to experience a more modern feeling of retail therapy, check out one of the many sky-grazing modern shopping malls in Doha.

If you are interested in exploring foreign cultures, you will be delighted to know that the Islamic arts are taken very seriously in Doha. The Museum of Islamic Arts will transport you to a world of peaceful bliss while the many inscriptions and artifacts, as well as items that bear immense cultural, religious and historical value, will astonish you with the silent dexterity that went into creating them, and which therefore showcases the intellectual facet of Islam.

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