Commonwealth War Cemetery – where fallen heroes have been laid to rest

The Commonwealth War Cemetery in the hill capital which is also referred to as the Kandy Garrison Cemetery is truly a sight for sore eyes. This well maintained garden cemetery was established in 1817 for the internment of the British colonial rulers. However a majority of the graves and tombstones resemble those who were victimised during the 2nd World War. This is why for those of you staying at Earl’s Regent Kandy which a hotel Kandy has to offer, a visit to this cemetery would prove to be well worth the time and effort.
Beginning with those who belonged to the nobility and ending with a greater proportion of the middleclass, this cemetery boasts of a marvellous range of old world architecture that adorns the tombstones that are located here. Amongst the more famous of names that have been buried here include Sir John D’Oyly who was a colonial officer of the 19th century and William Watson Mackwoods. Currently under the authority of Commonwealth War Graves Commission, the cemetery will serve as a good distraction, away from all the comforts and amenities of your holiday retreat.