Cultural Sites in Colombo – Attractions for the Culture aficionado

The city of Colombo offers a myriad of attractions for the visitor. Amongst these are a number of sites that will capture the interest of the culture lover interested in the heritage of Sri Lanka


Colombo Lighthouse


Culture lovers should make it a point to view the well-known Colombo Lighthouse which is an important landmark in the city. This lighthouse was initially constructed as a clock tower in the year 1860. It was converted into a lighthouse with the addition of a lantern in 1865, whilst in 1913 the clock was replaced. Today this striking monument operates solely as a clock tower as the light is not functional.


Independence Square


The impressive Independence Square in Colombo contains the well-known Independence Commemoration Hall which is a handsome structure that will strike the imagination of the culture lover. This hall gives easy access to many luxury Sri Lanka apartments such as the upcoming Cinnamon Life Colombo.


National Museum of Sri Lanka


colombo musuem

Annesley Rozairo, Colombo museum, CC BY-SA 1.0

No tour of the cultural sites of Colombo would be complete without visiting the engrossing National Museum. This fascinating establishment is housed within a magnificent colonial era mansion which features striking Italian style architecture. This institution is regarded as being the largest, oldest and most prestigious museum in Sri Lanka.


Gangaramaya Temple



Gangaramaya Temple is a Buddhist shrine that will capture the interest of the culture aficionado. Situated on the picturesque Beira Lake this temple which is located next to a sacred Bo tree can only be reached by crossing a bridge.

National Museum – Dose of the island’s illustrious history

The vibrant city of Colombo offers a diverse selection of attractions for the visitor. These sightseeing and cultural highlights are sure to capture the imagination of the visitor.


Colombo is fast-developing and the face of the city is ever-changing. Colombo’s splendid National Museum is sure to capture the interest of the culture lover.


Founded by Sir William Henry Gregory, the British governor of Ceylon at the time, the Colombo National Museum is the largest, oldest and most prestigious museum in the country. The museum was opened on January 1, 1877 with only 800 items on display.


The largest, oldest and most prestigious museum in the country is located in the cosmopolitan city of Colombo which has a myriad of accommodation option the likes of Cinnamon Life, also known as Cinnamon Life Colombo

The Museum

Considered to be Sri Lanka’s foremost cultural establishment, The Colombo National Museum features Italian architecture and a massive collection of historical artefacts. In this museum visitors will encounter a remarkable array of artworks, statues and carvings that are representative of Sri Lanka’s cultural heritage.

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