Here’s Why You Should Visit Chengdu China – An Idyllic Destination!

According to statistical data,Chengdu is a rapidly growing and most preferred tourist destination in China. Here are some reasons supporting why you should also visit this destination.

Capital of Pandas

Chengdu is home to the largest giant panda breeding centre in China. The centre housingover 50 pandas, with the number being on the rise; is an idyllic place to take your kids to see the gentle giants up-close and personal.

To witness the vibrant history of China

Chengdu has some of the most stunning ornate and shrines in China, not only that, but the region is also home to a plethora of museums, historically significant buildings and many more attractions that reflect the vibrant history and culture of China.

Easily accessible and a trade hub in China

Chengdu is a popular business destination in China and you can reach here directly from many modern cities located across the world. Not only is the city easily accessible but also provides best in class accommodations in China, Chengdu accommodation options the likes of Citadines South Chengdu is an excellent option worth considering for your stay during your business trip.

The city is scattered with expansive and beautiful parks

Chengdu will easily rank at the top among the most beautiful cities in China because of its well-organized city planning and of course its parks! The south gate people’s park, Wanjiang Pavilion Park and Chengdu Cultural Park are some of the parks you should not miss visiting.

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Qingyan Ancient Town – A Historical and Cultural Attraction!

Known for its strong cultural atmosphere and long history, the Qingyan Ancient Town is a popular tourist attraction located in the Guizhou Province. Read onto find out more.


The town was originally built in 1378, during the Ming Dynasty by emperor Zhu Yuangzhang for military reasons. Given its prime location, the town functioned as a station for transferring military messages and to house the army personnel.

Qingyan Ancient Town, Guiyang

How to Get There

Those interested in visiting the town can use the public transport by taking the 203 and 210 buses which travel directly to the attraction. One can also reach it easily from accommodation in the vicinity run by many a luxury hotel group including the likes of Anantara Hotels, Resorts & Spas.

Things to Do

Things to do include learning more about the religious culture of the town and visiting ancient business streets to take a look at intricately designed wooden houses. Do make it a point to pay a visit to a local tea house and try some local delicacies such as rice tofu, Qingyan tofu, and rose sugar.

Things to See

While strolling around the inner town area, visitors can take in the stunning architecture which features the trade mark designs of the Ming dynasty. Over 30 types of temples, cabinets, caves, courtyards, monasteries, and palaces can be taken in. Also, a number of exquisite stone and wooden sculptures can be seen as well.

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How about a luxury spa ritual in China? – Heal, Cure, and Revive Yourself the Chinese Way

The dynasties of China like every old civilization have depended on natural wellness rituals with a scientific basis. The most unique factor about Chinese wellness routines is the use of qi or what is commonly referred to as one’s own internal energy. Qi is a technique that involves invoking the curative powers from within and harmonising those powers with a few known herbal properties of nature’s own gifts to mankind. In fact, it is so powerful and respected by those who know it, that qi forms the fundamental principle of martial arts which is practiced so widely in the East.

Fortunately, these healing techniques, wellness rituals and spa treatments have not vanished over time. Instead, these have been handed down from generation to generation and are practiced across many a Chinese luxury spa. Rulers of the land in the days of yore enjoyed many privileges, including balanced diets, therapeutic treatment, and affluent abode. Today, these opportunities are afforded to many, unlike the olden era, through comfortable dwellings such as Anantara Guiyang Resort. Hence, the Chinese have treasured many of the endowments from their ancestors and they have converted those inheritances to lucrative businesses.

A typical visit to the spa in China entails the use of oils, herbs and milk as beauty treatments as well as for the purpose of relieving back pain, soothing the body, reviving the person from jetlag, unblocking the sinuses and reducing aches and pains. The trained therapists know the points of the body which help maintain wellness and balance and the points of the body which awaken the inner healing forces to act. When combined, the therapist’s massage, the qi force, and the herbs intermingle to transform your body and soul magically. The restored being has more energy, more life, more enthusiasm and charisma is what the Chinese say, but the best way to know this is to experience it firsthand.

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