Things to see in Paro Valley

Paro valley is one of the most historic valleys in Bhutan as it has the closest cultural connection with Tibet of any Bhutanese district. Paro Valley is a beautiful valley which is home to some of Bhutan’s oldest temples & monasteries as well as Bhutan’s only Airport. You can stay at Uma by COMO, Paro if you are in search of Bhutan hotel in the Paro valley. They offer Bhutan tour packages including tours to following sites.

Those visiting the region have many things to see in Paro Valley. Travellers to the area will come across a variety of traditional style, Bhutanese farm houses worth visiting. These houses normally consist of 3 storeys and look very big from the outside, while being quite simple inside. They use the ground floor for cattle, the top floor for drying hay and the family usually live in the middle. Located in the upper part of the Paro Valley, Drukgyal Dzong was a fortress and Buddhist monastery that is a ‘must visit’ when here. Built by Tenzin Drukdra in 1647, Drukgyal Dzong was destroyed by fire in 1951 and the ruins can be seen today. Make sure to also head to Ringpung Dzong; built in 1649 during the time of Shabdrung Nawang Namgyel, Rinpung Dzong is a seven storied watchtower fortress, and the venue of paro tsechu Festival, held once a year during spring time.

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