Spending the day in Brisbane like a local – Blending in!

Located in the banks of the Brisbane River the city is a popular tourist destination. Read on to know how you could spend a day in Brisbane Like a local.

Blending in by  : MabelAmber via PixabayCreative Commons CC0

Check in to an edgy accommodation option,

Rather than checking into a resort or a hotel check in to an aparthotel the likes of Oaks Festival Towers which is an alternative to a hotel accommodation in Brisbane CBD. This gives you an opportunity for you to spend a home like stay and lets you explore more as would go out more to explore the city.

Explore the local gathering spots

Do a bit of a research and find the places where locals usually gather. Getting to these places will allow you to meet new people and witness a day in the lives of Australian people. If you are wondering where to begin, located at the heart of Brisbane, Albert lane is a good place to start.

Eat like a local

Brisbane is filled with eateries and food stalls that offer simple and delicious Australian food. Australia is a country which is ethnically diverse and cities like Brisbane is home to people who belong to different cultures making it a melting pot for cuisines from all around the globe.

Visit the cities attractions!

Brisbane is home to numerous places of interests such as galleries, museums, viewpoints and so much more. Each one of them is equally awesome and locals would visit these places very often to relax and to break out of their routines. As a tourist, you should also visit these places which will definitely be an experience worth your while.



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Find yourself in an adventure wonderland

South Bank - Brisbane

South Bank – Brisbane , via Pixabay , CC0 Public Domain

Brisbane is a city that holds a rich variety of attractions and marvels that can certainly leave all visitors mesmerized. The plethora of delights that await all who choose to visit the city is so great that a proper holiday plan should indeed be in place before making the planned visit.

A cosmopolitan city by every definition Australia’s third largest city Brisbane enjoys warm weather conditions for most of the year. The best way to discover the city’s culture and heritage is to hop on a city tour offered by a number of operators which takes visitors through all of the city’s best highlights. From the Parliament House to the Botanic Gardens a city tour of Brisbane includes stopovers at Cathedral Square, Kangaroo Point Cliffs and Chinatown among many other iconic attractions of Brisbane. If you are travelling to this city, needless to say you will have to find a hotel that is centrally located so you will be able to explore the city and all its many marvels with ease and comfort. Hotels such as

Brisbane is a city that holds a rich variety of attractions and marvels that can certainly Oaks Mews are a good option to consider as these provide luxurious and centrally located Bowen hills hotels.

There are many unique and beautiful attractions here in Brisbane that you must indeed visit to have a perfectly enjoyable holiday. Places such as South Bank Parklands, Mount Coot tha Queensland, Roma Street Parkland, Museum of Brisbane, Wheel of Brisbane, Queensland Maritime Museum, City Botanic Gardens and Sea World Gold Coast are places of bliss and sheer delight that you can easily and conveniently reach from the city of Brisbane. One of the favourite past times of the locals as well as the tourists who visit Brisbane is dipping in the warm, salty waters of the Coolum beach which can easily be accessed once a short trip is taken from the city.


The Gallery of Modern Art – An artsy scene in Brisbane


Art is the soul of a country. Art encompasses the history and culture in a beautiful timeless piece that lasts for centuries and is a great glimpse in to a country’s lifestyles. In Australia, modern art galleries are a way of depicting tales of lifestyles, struggles, culture and social stories and they take various forms from paintings, sculptures, mixed media, etc.  If you plan on visiting Brisbane, holiday apartments in the city have been constructed to accommodate the growing number of tourists that visit annually, such as Oaks Lexicon Apartments.

The Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane, also known as the Queensland Art Gallery showcases contemporary art in Australia, Asia and the Pacific regions and envisions being the leading institution.  Opened in 2006, the building occupies one of the city’s more beautifully designed buildings, with a rich landscape surrounded by lush gardens and statues.

The art gallery is a great place for kids as there are plenty of interactive activities to keep them entertained, which are not only fun but also educational. These interactive exhibits are also great for adults!

For those visiting the gallery, they can also indulge in the other features of the building which includes dining, cafes, and shopping facilities for their visitors.

The Asian section holds art collections depicting calligraphic works, prints and videos from China, India, Vietnam and other countries. Most of these art pieces are derived from inspiration relating to culture.  The International gallery features art from the Western World and the Middle East. The Australian section showcases sculptures that address the national identity, which also includes a wide range of paintings and drawings and a collection of Aboriginal art. The Pacific region hosts a variety of media from different cultures of Papua New Guinea, New Zealand etc.