Unspoiled beaches of Thailand’s east coast – Thailand’s hidden gems

The east coast of Thailand is clustered with beach side resorts as it is known to have some of the best beaches in Thailand. The east coast of Thailand particularly stands out for being a popular beach destination. Read articles featured on many online media sites such as Sandy Beach Trips, if you wish to learn where to find the most unspoiled beach on Thailand’s east coast.

Pattaya has been noted quite famously for its gorgeous beaches and exotic night life and Koh Samet is known to be one of the prettiest beach destinations on the island.


Beach Pattaya , thailand east coast beach

A secluded beach of Pattaya | Photo by MaxPixel ,  Creative Commons Zero – CC0


Koh Samet has avoided the booming tourist construction and still remains unspoilt as it is mainly noted as a national park. The island is clustered with coral reefs, clear azure waters, white sandy beaches and spectacular sights to see.

Koh Samui is marked as the second largest in Thailand and is known as one of the favourite tourist destinations. The warm waters, lush landscapes, delectable food, and a thriving, exciting night life is what makes Koh Samui popular with the masses that visit annually.

With plenty of water activities, the island destination is a great way to spend your holiday while getting your much needed dose of sun, sand and sea!

Koh Kood, located in close proximity to Cambodia is one of Thailand’s best kept secrets. The thick jungle surroundings and the deserted beaches are exactly why this is one of the best beaches on the east coast.


Thailand The Island Of Koh Kood Palm Trees Beach

Palm fringed beaches of Koh Kood | Photo by MaxpixelCreative Commons Zero – CC0


Said to be the fourth largest island in Thailand. After a short flight from Bangkok, an hour boat ride from the main land is required before finding your feet at the tranquil and soft sands of Koh Kood.

While exploring these lovely beaches of Thailand, do try some thrilling water sports such as scuba diving, snorkelling and various others, or simply lay on the beach as you soak in the warm sun rays!


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