Best beaches in Malaysia you must check out – For all the beach lovers!

Malaysia is blessed with some of the best beaches, most of which are often visited by tourists. Some of the beaches are unspoiled beauties! Here’s a list to make your task easier.

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Juara Beach

Located on Tioman island is where you’ll find this beach. During your stay at Berjaya Tioman Resort or any other Tioman island resorts, take some time off your day to visit this fabulous beach. Getting here may seem like a long journey, but it’s definitely one that is worth it.

Mabul Island Beach

On the island of Sidapan, on the south-east side of Malaysia is where you’ll find the scenic beach of Mabul Island. You can book a chalet to stay in when you’re on the island as it is truly a beautiful experience.

Rawa Island Beach

A 4 hour and 30-minute drive from Kuala Lumpur, you take another 30-minute ferry ride to reach Rawa Island. This island is located inside the archipelago of Sultan Iskander Marine Park, where you can snorkel, kayak and scuba dive among many other activities.

Coral Beach

This beautiful beach is located on Pangkor island. A white sandy beach together with clear turquoise waters makes this one of the best beaches on the west coast of the Malaysian peninsular. This beach offers you peace and quiet as it is not usually always crowded.

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Escape to Tioman – Experiencing Malaysia’s adventure island

An idyllic island surrounded by beautiful blue waters, Palau Tioman is truly a paradise-like experience. Here are a few suggestions on a few things you can do when you’re there!

Tioman Island| Img by: _paVan_CC BY 2.0

Diving and Snorkelling

After resting away at a Tioman hotel pool bar, get your diving and snorkelling gear ready to experience the underwater world of Tioman islands. There are plenty of great snorkelling spots around, the best one being Coral Island. You’re likely to spot pods of dolphins when in Tioman, so keep a sharp lookout for them! if you’ve never been diving, there are plenty of dive centres that’ll teach you the basics of diving for an affordable price.

Beach hopping

Tioman islands have a rand of amazing beaches, and if you’re looking to get a bit of a tan and swim with the waves, this is the place to be!


Tioman is mostly roadless with footpaths connecting the various villages to each other. Each and every one of these paths offers great views of the wildlife the island boasts, from snakes to all kinds of lizards. Some of these treks take an entire day, while others only take a few hours. It depends on how serious of a trekker you are, but if you’re up for a three-day trek to the final resting place of a dragon princess, you get to see the crown atop and an extinct volcano.

For the foodies

Malaysia is known for its food, and there are plenty of spots to sample the cuisine in Tioman. If you’re staying at Berjaya Tioman Resort, you’ll be lucky to taste great food every day.


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Adventures in Tioman Islands – Experience Island beauty first hand

Tioman islands have long been a favourite among holiday goers for its beauty, clear waters and wildlife. If you’re looking for a relaxing getaway with a bunch of fun things to do, Tioman is a great option. Here are a few things you can do once you get there!

Adventures in Tioman Islands | Img via publicdomainfiles 


The island is surrounded with clear blue waters and any Tioman island resort usually gives you the facility of snorkelling, unless you have all the equipment and want to do it on your own. You’re bound to spot plenty of marine life when you snorkel, even sharks! It’s very common to spot blacktip reef sharks off the shores of Tioman.


The waters around Tioman are so clear, it’ll feel like you’re floating! When at Berjaya Tioman Resort, try kayaking. You’ll be able to see the fish swimming right under you!

Explore the island

cycle around the island and explore all the nooks and crannies of the island. You never know just what you may find and cycle on the island is quite fun too! For a quiet and relaxing evening, opt for this.

Into the wilderness

Trek into the jungle for an exciting outdoor experience. If you’re the type of person to enjoy the wild and enjoy being surrounded by dense forests, then this is for you. You’ll learn a lot about the different types of trees found on the island if you get a guide to help you out!

Spot wildlife

While you’re trekking through the greenery, keep an eye out for different animals. You just might spot a few interesting species that blend in with their surroundings pretty well.




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