Snorkelling in Tioman – An Adventure with Marine Life

On the southeastern part of Malaysia, you find 64 islands, out of which Tioman Island is the largest and most popular. There are many methods in which one can enjoy the vibrant marine life, as the island is home to large coral reefs. Here’s a guide on the best places to go snorkelling in Tioman.

Marine Park

Marine Park is close to plenty of hotels, such as Berjaya Tioman Resort, so you won’t have to worry about getting there. The fish are said to be friendly, and the view in terms of aquatic life is splendid. Due to these reasons, Marine Park is said to be a great spot for snorkelling and the park also hosts a praiseworthy turtle population.

Rengiss Island

This is another place that is highly recommended for snorkelling by locals and any Tioman hotel. Rengiss Island has shallow waters and houses big corals in the area adjacent to it, for you to experience nature at its finest.

Salang Beach

A fine and picturesque view, Salang beach is another option for snorkelling. The low tides in this area make it a safe place for children to witness marine life more closely, without having to worry about a high current.

Coral Island and Malang rocks

Impressive diversity in marine life is what Coral Island and Malang rocks have to offer to you. This area would make an ideal spot to go snorkelling with your buddies as you do not require heavy snorkelling gear.

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How to prepare for a Diving Trip – Four Things to Consider

Diving is easily one of the most popular hobbies in the world, with thousands taking it up every month. There are many dangers associated with it, so keep these things in mind.

Diving| Img by:  A US Navy diver via Wikipedia 

Remember to Keep Breathing

Diving can be an exhilarating experience, and it can be normal for an individual to hold their breath during times of excitement. Holding one’s breath can cause fatal damage to one’s lungs, especially during ascent or descent.

Check Your Gear

When you’re underwater, your life is at the mercy of your equipment, therefore you need to make sure beforehand that you’re able to completely trust your apparatus. Thoroughly check for malfunctions beforehand, so you won’t encounter them underwater.

Stay Fit

Diving is a physically demanding endeavour, so it is essential that you make sure that your body is up to the task of handling a diving expedition, before heading to a Tioman resort the likes of Berjaya Tioman Resort to explore marine wonders.

Make a Plan and Stick to It

This is something that will contribute greatly towards your safety and is one of the most crucial undertakings prior to your dive. Agreeing upon a maximum depth and the maximum dive-time is one of the most fundamental establishments to make.



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Air Batang Village Tioman – A Fantastic Place for a Laidback Day by the Sea

The perfect place to enjoy some laidback fun by the shore, Air Batang Village in Tioman offers a great day out in the sun, sand and surf. The active type can even look forward to some snorkelling too.

Where can it be found

Commonly known as ABC Village, Air Batang Village is close to Tekek Village on Tioman Island. It is around a 15 minute boat ride from Berjaya Tioman Resort and can be easily reached by those utilising the local boat services on offer.

What to expect

Home to a community of fisherfolk, Air Batang Village has wonderful beaches as well as several walkways that let you take in the stunning coastal panoramas that abound. This area is popular amongst backpackers who have helped create a carefree vibe here.

For beach lovers

Even those staying at a Tioman Island resort by the shoreline visit this village in order to enjoy its idyllic beaches, known for their soft sands bordered by clear emerald waters.

For the active type

If you are looking for more than just chilling at the beach, you can always try some snorkelling when at Air Batang Village. The waters offer excellent visibility of the marine life below, while those with the proper certification can look to take part in scuba diving or free diving.

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