The Magnificence of Chao Phraya River – The Lifeblood of Thailand

The Chao Phraya was dubbed the ‘River of Kings’ by King Rama and before the network of highways appeared, various settlements throughout the nation relied on the river as their only link.

Present Status

More than 50,000 people still utilise the river as part of their commute, and its significance has only waned slightly as the times have passed. You’ll still find many wooden shacks floating over the river as well.

Man-Made Modifications

During the Ayuthaya period, the river underwent a series of modifications. Many canals were built that provided shortcuts to bypass the various loops and bends of the river. These range from 2km to ones that are longer than 10km.

Boats and Ferries

There are many options at your disposal to explore the Chao Phraya River. You can opt for a normal express ferry, or if you’re hoping for something a bit more luxurious, you can always go on a luxurious Bangkok cruise tour conducted by entities such as Anantara Cruises.

Image of resort

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The Chao Phraya Basin is home to more than 280 species of fish, so you can actually witness a bounty of marine life by exploring the river. Due to human influence, many kinds of species have become extinct.

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Packing for a Cruise – Everything you Need to Know

There’s something else entirely to pressing for a journey than tossing a discretionary heap of garments and frill into a bag and saying, “Bye!” You need to consider things like journey line clothing regulations and temperature contrasts amongst home and destination.

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How to begin

Pressing for a voyage can appear like an overwhelming errand. Shoreline days and affair evenings, swimming outings and exhibition hall strolls, crisp lounge areas and sticky ports: How would you be able to conceivably pack for every last bit of it? What are you overlooking? How

Separate the clothes

Pack a difference in garments and imperative meds or toiletries in the lightweight sacks you will think about on the plane and literally transport locally available. A typical Bangkok cruise tour will take any amount of time, so find more details from your agent, for instance, Anantara Cruises, before you pack.


This is critical for two reasons: First, if your gear gets lost by the aircraft while in transit to your journey, in any event, you’ll have a few fundamentals with you. It can take a while for your baggage to be found and afterwards transported to the following port of call.

Watch out for luggage

Be keen about your bag numbers, as well. On the off chance that you tend to overpack, lay out all the garments you think you’ll require, at that point just pack a large portion of the garments and seventy-five percent of the shoes.

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Set a Sail Along Chao Phraya in Luxury – A Breathtaking and an Exhilarating Tour

Making a trip to Bangkok without visiting the glorious Chao Phraya River precincts is definitely an incomplete experience. You will be fascinated by the many attractions seen along the river.

Sail along the river

Have you ever thought of taking a Bangkok cruise tour along the waterways of the Chao Phraya River and going back in the annals of time? Taking river cruise aboard a luxury barge like the ones offered by Anantara Cruises will certainly make you feel like royalty pulling up to the dock of Bang Pa-In Palace.


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Wat Arun

Steeped in history, the ancient banks of the Chao Phraya River hold many wonders. Book yourself a Chao Phraya cruise and enjoy the sights, sounds and relaxing ambiance of this centuries old waterway.

Thonburi Canals – Khlongs

The Khlong or canals used to be once a vital part of Bangkok’s main transportation routes but are now seen as the main tourist attraction to view them. They are still used by the locals to travel to different riverside destinations as travelling across the Khlong is quite cheap and easier.


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Wat Niwet Thammaprawat

This ancient temple was constructed in 1878 under the orders of King Rama V. Strangely, this Buddhist temple was built under the styling of a British Gothic Church – a definite must visit.



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