The History of Thailand’s Floating Markets – A vital part of Bangkok’s culture!

The concept of floating markets has been around for a very long time and are one of the highlights of visiting Bangkok. It gives you a glimpse of Thailand’s cultural and traditional communities.


Central Thailand is in the wet lowlands of big river valleys, thereby making Bangkok a jungle area before human development occurred. Hence, the people living on either side would normally use boats as their main form of transport, rather than make their way through the dense jungles that once stood there.

Then & Now

Previously, boats were used for trading – bringing goods from those who produced them and selling to those on the other side. As Bangkok grew and soon became the capital of Thailand, the jungle area was drained, and roads built in its place. However, to the people of Bangkok, the method of using the boats to transport goods would have still been most convenient. Thereby making the floating markets part of their historical culture.

Types of floating markets

There are several types of floating markets, most famous two being Amphawa and Damnoen Saduak. There are vendors who provide a more personalized service where they bring food to certain resorts in cities such as Sathorn in Bangkok. And if you are staying here, the best way to visit these floating markets is to book a good Sathorn hotel in Bangkok such as the Anantara Sathorn Bangkok Hotel where they will assist you with a tour of the different floating markets within the vicinity.

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Bizarre Bangkok – As creative as it gets

The thriving metropolis of Bangkok remains at the heart of many adventures. Such journeys will escort you through varying sights and sounds, affording glimpses of a cultural symbol which marries modernity with a rich legacy.

Erawan Museum

It is not every day that you will stumble upon a sight as glorious and as peculiar as the Erawan Museum in Samut Prakan. This 29 metre tall, 39 metre long museum which depicts a three-headed elephant statue will guide you into its interiors comprising religious iconography, eastern antiques and elaborate carvings from eras long gone.

Papaya Vintage Shop

And no this is not to be mistaken for your local fruit market but the Papaya Vintage Show holds a wealth of treasures that will surely evoke your fondest childhood memory. If there ever was a ‘one stop shop’ to enjoy your favourite comic characters, then be sure to check this place out. Amidst the art deco and vintage furniture from the 60s, one will be able to witness cartoon characters ranging from the Green Lantern, Wolverine, Flash and yes…the Caped Crusader himself!


Go back in time to Bangkok’s ancient capital which lies in close proximity to a range of serviced apartments Bangkok provides such as those at Anantara Baan Rajprasong Bangkok Serviced Suites. History buffs will find Ayutthaya to be a welcome escape within which the city’s celebrated past will be brought to light. Be in awe of ruined brick walls and Buddha statues before pausing by the waters of the River of Kings.

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Must Visit Places in Sukhumvit Bangkok – An Exciting Travel Experience!

Sukhumvit is the longest road in Thailand and the commercial centre of Bangkok. Read on to know about some of theplaces of interests you can visit when you are travelling along this route.

Terminal 21

Terminal 21 is a shopping mall located on the route between Soi 19 and 21 and it is an ideal place to stop by during your travel. The 9 storied mall is home to over 600 stalls, a movie theatre, a food court which serves mouth-watering authentic Thai and international dishes.

Soi Cowboy

Soi in Thai means the branch of a street adjoining a major street. The SoiCowboy is one of the many streets located adjoining the Sukhumvit route. This street was named after a hat-wearing African-American opened a bar here in the early 1970s. Today you can find a myriad of bars and restaurants along the alley.

Baan Kamthieng House Museum

Located next to one of the busiest junctions on Sukhumvit, the museum features a calm interior and a tranquil ambience, and it is an idyllic place to escape from the chaos of the bustling traffic. The museum houses artefacts which reflect the livelihood of the rural communities who lived in Thai land. The museum is also located just a stroll away from long term serviced apartments in Bangkok the likes of Citadines Sukhumvit 8 Bangkok, where you can plan your stay after a tiring day of travel and exploration.

Dinosaur Planet Theme Park

Witness the extinct creatures that come alive during your visit to the park! You can see live size models of over 200 popular dinosaur species which includes the horrific T-Rex, Velociraptors, Pterosaurs and more. This park is an ideal place to take your family and to have a memorable time.


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