Top 4 things to do in Melbourne City – A Charming and Alluring Metropolis

The city of Melbourne will capture the imagination of the visitor with its distinctive appeal. You will also find plenty of things to do here that will strike your interest, including those below.

Explore Queen Victoria Market

The popular Queen Victoria Market is an al fresco marketplace that offers a host of interesting goods, including fresh vegetables, fruit and dairy products in addition to clothing, accessories and many other interesting kinds of merchandise. When it comes to hotels in Southbank, an accommodation choice to consider from which this market would be within easy reach would be WRAP on Southbank.

File:Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne shed B.jpg

S3074865Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne shed B, marked as public domain, more details on Wikimedia Commons

Laugh your cares away at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival

This outstanding festival of comedy takes place in March/April and is sure to delight lovers of comedy with its many laughter-inducing shows. You are assured of a good time at this much-loved festival.

Watch a classic movie at the Astor Cinema

The renowned Astor is a famous cinema dating from the Art Deco period that has functioned since 1936. Here you will have the opportunity to view classic as well as new films that are sure to strike the interest of the movie lover.

Enjoy the food at HuTong

The popular HuTong is a Melbourne eatery that is famed for its Chinese dishes. Food lovers may take the opportunity to savour the dumplings and other foods at this splendid dining venue.

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Dolphin Watching Experience – Revel in the Cuteness!

Dolphin watching is an experience unlike any other. Witnessing these intelligent creatures in their natural habitat truly is a spectacle. Want to know more about where you can do so?

Kangaroo Island – Hog Bay

There no other perfect location to stay at when you’re looking to spot dolphins. You’ll come across a plethora of Glenelg holiday accommodation here. Once you settle and start exploring, visit Hog Bay. You’ll find a pod of dolphins that cruise through here every day.

Eyre Peninsula – Coffin Bay

The pristine beaches found here don’t just draw tourists, they also draw their resident dolphins. A study even suggests that this location boasts the highest density of local dolphins across the entire globe.

Yorke Peninsula – Pondalowie Bay

With a resident pod of around 30 dolphins, you can witness these creatures from a viewing platform. Making it an ideal place to see these creatures riding the waves.

Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary

If you’re staying at a hotel or apartment like Oaks Liberty Towers, this is a great spot to check out. Located a mere 20 minutes from Adelaide’s CBD, it is right along the port river and is home to 40 dolphins with over 200 visiting as well.

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Things to do at Cable Beach – A Mesmerizing Leisure Site

Cable Beach is always an interesting locality to visit, where you will have the opportunity to enjoy many things to do and have a variety of interesting experiences, like those below.

Relax and unwind at Cable Beach

Discerning leisure seekers will be captivated by the entrancing Cable Beach, which is reputed to be one of the most beautiful beaches in Australia. The pristine sands, shimmering waters and stunning sunsets will mesmerize the visitor. When seeking restaurants in Broome, consider the pleasingly located Oaks Broome, an accommodation choice to consider from which the above beach would be within easy reach.

Experience Gantheaume Point

Located on the edge of Cable Beach, this location is renowned for its stunning beauty, dinosaur footprints and photo opportunities that will capture the imagination of the visitor. For picturesque loveliness, it is difficult to top this attraction.

Stroll through Chinatown

If you appreciate cultural attractions take the opportunity to walk through Chinatown, once full of bawdy saloons, pearl sheds and opium dens and now a fascinating cultural enclave. The history lover will be entranced by this part of the town.

Watch a movie at Sun Pictures

The distinctive Sun Pictures is considered to be the oldest functioning al fresco cinema on the globe. Although it now features contemporary technology, it still has a nostalgic charm that will appeal to the tasteful visitor.

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