Abu Dhabi a City of Modern Marvel – Experiencing the Desert Land Like No Other

Abu Dhabi has some iconic and unique attractions that you will not be able to experience anywhere else in the world. Below are a few that will blow your mind away.

The Louvre Abu Dhabi

Perfect for art lovers, The Louvre Abu Dhabi showcases 600 pieces of art displayed across 23 state of the art galleries. It is the first ever branch to open outside France. Witness unique pieces from world famous galleries such as Vinci, Monet, Van Gogh and Matisse.

Desert dunes of Abu Dhabi

Eat and dine on the beautiful golden sands of the desert with your loved one. Resorts such as the Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara are perfect for such evenings, providing remarkable rooms with private pools overlooking the desert, where you can catch a glimpse of that perfect sunset.

Ferrari world

Perfect theme park to take the kids to for a fun adventure. Ride the fastest rollercoaster in the world called Formula Rosa! Speeding at 240 km / hour in less than 5 seconds.

Yas Waterworld

A one of a kind “Florida” style water park with 43 rides, attractions and slides. The perfect way to cool off after spending a hot day in the sun. Mostly for adults, although there are some children’s rides as well, the Yas Waterworld park is not too far from good Abu Dhabi resorts and is the perfect stop over if you are looking to have fun with your friends.

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Zesty amusement in Abu Dhabi – Adventure awaits!

Growing as a tourist hub each passing day, the UAE has heavily invested in Abu Dhabi to invite and entice its visitors. Want to know about the theme parks in Abu Dhabi?

Ferrari World

If it’s the adrenaline rush that you seek, Ferrari World is the place to be. This theme park is home to the Formula Rossa, the world’s fastest roller coaster that accelerates to around 240 kilometres an hour in a mere 5 seconds. The park also presents other exciting rides and attractions as well. After a day well spent here, you can check yourself into any one of the Abu Dhabi resorts around to unwind and relax, such as the Desert Islands Resort & Spa by Anantara for example.

Yas Waterworld

The ideal place to relax and beat the heat while enjoying yourself. Yas Waterworld features over forty rides and attractions, including the longest suspended roller coaster in all of the Middle East.

IMG Worlds of Adventure

This is the world’s largest indoor theme park. You’ll also find various rides themed after popular characters from both Cartoon Network and Marvel.

Wild Wadi Water Park

Having opened all the way back in 1998, the Wild Wadi Water Park has proven itself over the years as an excellent place to come and unwind. With over 17 rides and a ton of pools and attractions, it is an ideal place for family-friendly fun.

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Arabian Flora and fauna – Unique to the Arab region

Date palms are the very first impression you get whenever there is any reference to Arabian flora and fauna. A flowering plant in the palm family, the date has earned a reputation for its exceptionally sweet flavour. Grown uniquely in the Arab region, dates have been a staple diet in the Middle East. Even today it is a main delicacy in major cities like Abu Dhabi. Resorts there are always likely to have plenty of dates on offer for guests. The date’s historical roots are traced to Iraq, and the ancient Egyptians are said to have crushed the fruit to prepare wine. Fossil evidence indicates that the date palm is around 50 million years old.

Eucalyptus is another plant found in the Arab region, although it was introduced from Australia. Eucalyptus demands a good amount water from the surrounding soil. So it is used to get rid of malaria by extracting water from the soil in Arab countries like Algeria and Lebanon. When water is drained from soil, it gets rid of marshes which breed mosquito larvae. However, the plant is more known for its oil. Eucalyptus oil is used as an antiseptic as well as a deodoriser. It is also used as a herbal remedy in food supplements. The oil also serves as an insect repellent. Hotels in Abu Dhabi such as Desert Islands Resort & Spa by Anantara and others, use eucalyptus oil for its fragrance, along with other varieties of oil like menthol.

An animal unique to the Arab region is the Arabian Oryx also known as white Oryx. It is an antelope with straight horns and a bunched tail. This species had been on the verge of extinction, but due to much effort on the part of zoos, the animal re-appeared in 1980. That said, however, the animal was categorised as endangered on the IUCN Red List. Now it is known as the national animal of the United Arab Emirates, Jordan and Oman. The animal takes a rest during the day. It can also identify rainfall and successfully find water. Although it has two horns, the Arabian oryx is a peaceful animal. The animal’s uniqueness has earned it a number of legends too. A widespread myth about a unicorn animal is also based on the Arabian Oryx.

Roland Lefevre is a travel writer who specializes in creating features on leisure as well as business travel destinations across the globe. Google+