Eco Tourism in Abu Dhabi – A Greener Way to Travel!

The United Arab Emirate’s first wildlife conservation project began in the Sir Bani Yas Islands and these efforts have blossomed into fruition. Want to find out more about Sir Bani Yas and ecotourism in Abu Dhabi?


Sir Bani Yas was once the fond personal haven of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Nahyan. He planted hundreds of trees under his oversight and his conservationist vision resulted in the flourishing of many flora and fauna.



35 years ago, Arabian oryx was declared extinct in the wild but the late Sheikh Zayed brought a couple back to the island from a Californian zoo. As of today, over 10,000 Arabian oryx have been introduced back into the wild as a result of conservation initiatives. Today, the wildlife park is home to numerous native species and remains a sanctuary for all.



One of the side effects of tourism is that it widens the public perception of the location. As more people are made aware of what is going on, any environmental issues will be brought up and addressed. Ecotourism has the benefit of bridging the gap between humankind and nature. When looking for Abu Dhabi resorts, you’ll find yourself well suited at the Desert Islands Resort & Spa by Anantara for instance.

In Conclusion

These formerly arid lands have now been transformed into a paradise brimming with animals and foliage. This miraculous result is evidence of the benefits of ecotourism as both the environment blossoms and all visitors are subject to a tranquil setting not disturbed by industrious activities of humankind.

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The Arabian Oryx – A Middle-Eastern Gem

This animal roamed the deserts of the middle-east form yonder days, however, the humans encroaching into their territory began hunting this species and the Arabian oryx was on the verge of extinction. Realising this, steps were taken to preserve this animal species.

File:Arabian oryx (oryx leucoryx).jpg

Charles J Sharp creator QS:P170,Q54800218, Arabian oryx (oryx leucoryx)CC BY-SA 3.0

Diet patterns

Since the Arabian oryx is an omnivore, therefore, their meal consists mainly of grasses. Also, they may eat vegetation like buds, fruits, tubers and roots. The oryx tends to follow the rains to feast on the new plants that grow afterwards. They are able to manage for weeks without water.


The oryx is an animal that travels in herds. Bachelor males who traverse alone and are highly territorial are extremely rare. The oryx keeps good eye contact with members of the herd and if separated, will make their way back to the previous place the herd called home.

Influence on humans

The Arabian oryx is the national animal of Jordan, Oman, the UAE, Bahrain and Qatar. Most believe that the myth of the unicorn was born from the Arabian oryx that might have lost one horn.


Those responsible for prevention of the extinction of this amazing animal are the Phoenix Zoo and Fauna and Flora Preservation Society of London who went ahead with the project with aid from the World Wildlife Fund. Today, even Abu Dhabi resorts such as the well-known Desert Islands Resort & Spa by Anantara organize excursions to observe these animals.

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Abu Dhabi a City of Modern Marvel – Experiencing the Desert Land Like No Other

Abu Dhabi has some iconic and unique attractions that you will not be able to experience anywhere else in the world. Below are a few that will blow your mind away.

The Louvre Abu Dhabi

Perfect for art lovers, The Louvre Abu Dhabi showcases 600 pieces of art displayed across 23 state of the art galleries. It is the first ever branch to open outside France. Witness unique pieces from world famous galleries such as Vinci, Monet, Van Gogh and Matisse.

Desert dunes of Abu Dhabi

Eat and dine on the beautiful golden sands of the desert with your loved one. Resorts such as the Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara are perfect for such evenings, providing remarkable rooms with private pools overlooking the desert, where you can catch a glimpse of that perfect sunset.

Ferrari world

Perfect theme park to take the kids to for a fun adventure. Ride the fastest rollercoaster in the world called Formula Rosa! Speeding at 240 km / hour in less than 5 seconds.

Yas Waterworld

A one of a kind “Florida” style water park with 43 rides, attractions and slides. The perfect way to cool off after spending a hot day in the sun. Mostly for adults, although there are some children’s rides as well, the Yas Waterworld park is not too far from good Abu Dhabi resorts and is the perfect stop over if you are looking to have fun with your friends.

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