The Arabian Oryx – A Middle-Eastern Gem

This animal roamed the deserts of the middle-east form yonder days, however, the humans encroaching into their territory began hunting this species and the Arabian oryx was on the verge of extinction. Realising this, steps were taken to preserve this animal species.

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Charles J Sharp creator QS:P170,Q54800218, Arabian oryx (oryx leucoryx)CC BY-SA 3.0

Diet patterns

Since the Arabian oryx is an omnivore, therefore, their meal consists mainly of grasses. Also, they may eat vegetation like buds, fruits, tubers and roots. The oryx tends to follow the rains to feast on the new plants that grow afterwards. They are able to manage for weeks without water.


The oryx is an animal that travels in herds. Bachelor males who traverse alone and are highly territorial are extremely rare. The oryx keeps good eye contact with members of the herd and if separated, will make their way back to the previous place the herd called home.

Influence on humans

The Arabian oryx is the national animal of Jordan, Oman, the UAE, Bahrain and Qatar. Most believe that the myth of the unicorn was born from the Arabian oryx that might have lost one horn.


Those responsible for prevention of the extinction of this amazing animal are the Phoenix Zoo and Fauna and Flora Preservation Society of London who went ahead with the project with aid from the World Wildlife Fund. Today, even Abu Dhabi resorts such as the well-known Desert Islands Resort & Spa by Anantara organize excursions to observe these animals.

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The Rich History of Sir Bani Yas Island – A Breathtaking Archeological Wonder

Sir Bani Yas Island is known the world over as an important nature reserve of both historical and geographical importance and undoubtedly, it’s one of the most treasured natural wonders in UAE.


Only a few attractions in the world can compete with the all-immersive activities of this fascinating island. It not only holds eye-catching landscapes, rich heritage and exciting animal life to be discovered, but also its wide array of adventures and exhilarating activities will certainly arouse the adventurous soul within you. It is important to note that Sir Bani Yas is one of the eight desert islands located off the coast of Dhanna in Al Gharbia.


A good way to begin scouring the region for the very best of its attractions and exciting adventures will be to first check into a preferred choice of accommodation. You’ll come across many Abu Dhabi luxury hotels the likes of Anantara Sir Bani Yas Island Al Sahel Villa Resort which offers a range of watersports and desert activities to spice up your island adventure.

Wildlife encounters

Are you a wildlife enthusiast and want to witness them in their natural habitat? Sir Bani Yas Island comprises more than 160 species of wild animals and it’s home to the Arabian Wildlife Park. You’ll spot numerous animal species like Arabian Oryx, Tahr, hyenas, emus and dolphins. You’ll also have the opportunity to contribute to the mangrove conservation efforts in the island.

Desert activities

You’ll come across diverse and exciting desert activities to spice up your holiday. You can explore the island by hiking, mountain biking or take to the water for snorkelling, diving and even do deep-sea fishing!

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Wildlife and Nature of Sir Bani Yas Island – For an Epic Adventure

If you are a lover of nature or a wildlife enthusiast, then one of the best places to visit during your travels would be Sir Bani Yas Island. This conservatory offers a wildlife experience like no other!


Sir Bani Yas Island is a natural island which is situated towards the south was of Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. Jebel Dhanna which is 9 km offshore from the island acts as a crossing point to other islands close by.


The island has quite a history which begins with the Bani Yas clan that inhabited the island. A total of 6 archaeological sites have been discovered on the island. One of the noteworthy sites would be the Nestorian Church which is said to be standing from 600 AD.



This sanctuary for wildlife is home to about 13000 indigenous animals to the Arabian Peninsula. The highlight of all the animals here would be the famous Arabian Oryx that was on the verge of going extinct.


Besides being one of the most famous nature reserves, the Sit Bani Yas Island has also turned into a famed holiday spot. Anantara Sir Bani Yas Island Al Sahel Villas along with other luxury hotels in Abu Dhabi for great accommodation as well as wildlife adventures on the island.

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