The Australian Shooting Academy in Gold Coast – for some action during vacation

Apart from the usual attractions in the area which include the pristine beaches, the malls and other outdoor attractions, Gold Coast offers much more variety of activities to those who visit it.

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to shoot a real gun? For those who are seeking that extra excitement while holidaying in Gold Coast, one of the best places that can be considered is the Australian Shooting Academy. Located within the Paradise Centre in Gold Coast this place is ideal for anyone in any age group. This is also a famous location chosen by employers to entertain their clients and staff members. This would be ideal even if you are visiting with your family because safety, fun and excitement is guaranteed. Oaks Calypso Plaza is renowned as one of the best hotels that fall under the family accommodation Gold Coast category.

The Australian Shooting Academy is open daily from 10 am to 10 pm. The indoor shooting range is air-conditioned and has trained instructors to guide you step by step. This guidance will begin from the moment that you choose the perfect gun, load the gun, and fire the gun at the target. Guns range from rifles to pistols to shotguns and the perfect gun can be chosen based on your build. The most important thing is that you need not be an experienced shooter nor do you need to have a licence for taking part in the shooting process.

The massive area of the academy is inclusive of six separate ranges and twenty-seven shooting lanes. This is ideal for rainy days as well, so by any chance, if the rain spoils your outdoor fun, don’t get disheartened, walk into the Shooting Academy and experience some action. The ticket prices start at around eighty dollars per person and the fun and excitement that you experience there is worth every penny you spend.

Roland Lefevre is a travel writer who specializes in creating features on leisure as well as business travel destinations across the globe.


Top highlights in Queensland -Top rated attractions

Queensland is a fun and exciting strip of Australia that is sure to keep the entire family entertained all holiday long. Queenstown’s lesser known tourist hubs Gladstone is an engaging vacation destination down under. While the city offers access to pristine coastal areas, picturesque islands, agricultural and mining areas, it is also a popular take off point for trips to the Southern Great Barrier Reef.

Beach lovers touring Gladstone should not forget to spend a day exploring the beach hamlets of Boyne Island and Tannum Sands. Offering beachgoers a variety of activities include stand up paddling and angling the areas are littered with stunning beachfronts and a scenic river. Tannum Sands also houses the Beach Arts Music thoroughfares, a cultural and retail hub revered by locals as well as tourists. Taking visitors on a trip back in time to Gladstone’s early eras the Calliope River Historical Village serves as a heritage site and a cultural landmark in the area’s rich and illustrious past. Filled with historic structures walking around this well-preserved municipality offers guests a comprehensive look at life in Gladstone in earlier decades. If you are a first time visitor to Queensland, book your stay in Moranbah service apartments such as the Oaks Moranbah and enjoy easy access to town’s entertainment, attractions such as BMX track, Skate Park, off road racing and dining venues.

If you are in a family with people of a cross section of ages, Warner Brothers Movie World is the ideal place. The park looks alive with the glamour of Hollywood themes. All the movie stars and cartoon characters gather around daily, to parade down the Main Street. With many rides and attractions including Justice League 3D ride, Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster, Superman Escape, Green Lantern Coaster, 4D experiences, Hollywood Stunt Driver, and Kids Fun Zone, Warner Brothers Movie World has something for everyone.
The Whitsunday Islands are made up of 74 islands and the best way to discover their treasures is to hire a boat and sail the waters. Those who love to sail would find this experience an unforgettable one, while there are plenty of comfortable resorts available for those who wish to relax on dry land and enjoy this beautiful stretch.

Roland Lefevre is a travel writer who specializes in creating features on leisure as well as business travel destinations across the globe.


Cheap things to do in Townsville

Townsville, situated in the north-east of Queensland, and in very close proximity to the Great Barrier Reef, is one of the most significant metropolitan areas in Australia. It is in fact, the largest urban centre that is north of the continent’s Sunshine Coast. Given it is a prominent place, it is greatly visited by tourists, and there are many choices of accommodation to choose such as Oaks M on Palmer which is one of many choices regarding Townsville serviced apartments alone.

There are so many adventures you can embark on that are very beneficial financially, and one of the best things to do is taking a visit to the Jezzine Barracks, which is both a historically significant site, as well as a place of tranquillity. The parklands recently underwent a forty-million dollar restoration that resulted in breathtaking boardwalks, an ethno-botanical trail and many beautiful art-deco installations that showcase the aboriginal heritage.

For some unforgettable aquatic fun that will hardly cost you anything, there’s the Riverway Lagoons. This swimming facility covers the area of equivalent to more than three Olympic sized pools. There’s an upper lagoon for those wishing to embark on a serious swim, and a lower lagoon for those looking to relax. There’s a cafe for once the munchies kick in, a boardwalk with a beautiful art gallery, and even opportunities to catch a free movie. In fact, entrance to the Riverway Lagoon is also completely free.

There’s so much more than Townsville has to offer, and if you’re looking for an unforgettable and affordable getaway, this is definitely a place worth considering.

Roland Lefevre is a travel writer who specializes in creating features on leisure as well as business travel destinations across the globe.