History of Ayurveda

The Story of The Ancient Art of Healing

Got a really annoying pain in the neck? Or a headache that just won’t go away? Whatever it is you’re suffering from, Ayurveda just might be your solution. Read about the history of this amazing healing art.

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Where did it all begin?

The origin of Ayurveda is believed by some scholars, to date as far as the prehistoric times. There is also speculation that the Indus Valley Civilization must have been the birthplace of this ancient art. During the Vedic period, Ayurveda developed and flourished significantly so much that even Jainism and Buddhism have developed medical practices and concepts that are similar to those that are mentioned in classical Ayurvedic texts.

Modern Day Ayurveda

Even after thousands and thousands of years, Ayurveda remains a popular method of healing especially in India and other South Asian countries such as Maldives and Sri Lanka. Take the latter for example, Ayurveda is in such demand that Sri Lanka spa hotels, even those by international chains like Anantara Peace Haven Tangalle Resort, offer treatments and cosmetic therapies based on Ayurvedic principles.

Why is it so Popular?

Ayurveda believes that the wellness and health of one depends on the balance of not just the body but of the mind and spirit as well. Therefore, its aim is overall healing and restoration. One of the other reasons that Ayurveda is so popular is that only natural, organic ingredients such as fresh herbs and medicinal oils are used in all treatments and diets.

How Can You Experience the Many Benefits Of Ayurveda?

While there may be spas in your city that offer “authentic ayurvedic treatments”, it’s always better to visit either India or Sri Lanka on a wellness holiday, if you’re really keen on trying it out. Resorts like the above mentioned have specially designed Ayurveda holiday packages that include accommodation as well as a given number of treatments. This way you’ll be able to relax and heal at the same time!

Intrigued by history, art and food, Lavinia Woolf is a writer who is passionate about the extraordinary and writes of the exhilarating and enchanting.


Diving in Maldives – Gear Up for an Unforgettable Underwater Adventure!

The very name of “Maldives” brings into one’s mind pictures of pristine white beaches, swaying coconut palms and turquoise blue waters where a wealth of marine fauna and flora awaits. Here’s a guide to diving in Maldives to help you find the best destinations to go down under!

Manta Point

See flocks of giant and graceful manta rays in a feeding frenzy! The Manta Point is an amazing diving site that’s situated off the coast of Nusa Penida; there are many diving resorts in Maldives the likes of Anantara Veli Maldives Resort that provides excursions to this site. At the Manta Point you can see many manta rays lining up to be cleaned by tiny wrasse fish who feed on the parasites on the ray’s body. The whole spectacle resembles a sort of a car wash!

HP Reef

A protected marine area, the HP Reef is also known as the Rainbow Reef for its home to a kaleidoscopic range of reef fish, pelagics and coral species including blue corals. It also features a 25m vertical swim-through chimney, dramatic rock formations and amazing caves.

Banana Reef

Another Protected Marine Area, the Banana Reef gets its name for its curious banana shape. Spectacular coral formations, remarkable caves, overhangs and cliffs; big predators like barracuda, grouper and sharks and reef fish like Napoleon wrasse and much more all call Banana Reef their home.

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The Halaweli Wreck

Love watching movies about people discovering ship wrecks, gold and getting rich? Well you won’t get the ‘gold and getting rich’ part but you definitely will discover a ship wreck under the beautiful Maldivian waters. The Halaweli Wreck went under in 1991 and since then many wondrous marine animals have made a home for these selves within the wreck; some of these include sea turtles and moray eels.

Intrigued by history, art and food, Lavinia Woolf is a writer who is passionate about the extraordinary and writes of the exhilarating and enchanting.


Maldives Travel Tips for Female Travellers

Girl Power in Paradise!Are you and your girlfriends planning an unforgettable vacay in Maldives, the so-called paradise on earth? Then here are some tips to know before you go.


What to Wear

The beautiful Maldives archipelago has a 100% Islam practising population, therefore the people here are very conservative. While you are free to wear whatever you like, be it bikinis or shorts, at Maldives resorts the likes of Adaaran Select Meedhupparu, modest clothing is required when visiting public areas.


While you’re within your resort you have nothing to fear, however it’s better to take the usual big city cautions when visiting the capital Malé. Men in Maldives are very conservative as well as respectful and it’s not likely that foreign women would feel threatened or get harassed in a local island. Since most of the Malé city tours are arranged by the resort itself you don’t have to worry much about safety in Malé.

Great Deals

You might think that Maldives is all about romance and honeymoon offers, but there are so many amazing deals for solo and group female travellers as well. Some resorts even offer ladies spa getaway packages, so do a little bit of research before you go.

Awesome Activities

In addition to popular activities like snorkelling, diving and other water sports there are plenty of activities for female travellers to do by yourself or with your ladies. Take a yoga class together, hop from one uninhabited island to another and treat yourselves to a luxurious spa and beauty therapies because you’re totally worth it!

Intrigued by history, art and food, Lavinia Woolf is a writer who is passionate about the extraordinary and writes of the exhilarating and enchanting. Google+