Why London is a must visit destination – Things to see and do

A visit to the colonial land can take you back in time with its remnants for history such as the Big Ben and the London Bridge that are strewn across the city of London! Here are some things that you can do in London that will give you enough reason to visit.

Big Ben | Image Credit: Jon Michael, <a href="https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:BigBen&LondonEye.jpg">BigBen&LondonEye</a>, <a href="https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/legalcode" rel="license">CC BY-SA 3.0</a>

Big Ben | Image Credit: Jon Michael, BigBen&LondonEye, CC BY-SA 3.0

Looking for places to stay

London has all kinds of places ready for accommodation. Be it hotels to match your budget or 3-star hotels in London such as the popular hotel in Bayswater, Berjaya Eden Park London Hotel. There are even hostels that you could opt for to share with other travellers. Whatever your choice may be, you are sure to enjoy a pleasant stay with modern amenities available to suit your needs.

The London Theatres

Want to be transported to a world of fantasy by The Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserable and the famous Disney stories like Lion King and Aladdin! Then hit the theatres of London! select your favourites from the many musicals, classical and west end debuts that will be performed at theatres such as the Queens Theatre.

Have a London feast

There is a wide range of restaurants in London serving food from various parts of the world. Take your pick from the variety of European food in Michelin-starred restaurants or traditional British restaurants. Have some traditional high-tea with delicious sweets or even go out for a drink or two in one of the bars in London.

The London Eye

A 30-minute ride on this massive wheel provides a 360º view of the entire city of London. The 135-meter-tall Ferris wheel towers over many attractions such as The Big Ben and St. Paul’s Cathedral. The ride on the London Eye by the banks of the River Thames offers a unique experience that cannot be missed.

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Namuang Waterfalls in Koh Samui – A Serene Experience!

Walk along the pathway in the jungle of Koh Samui to discover two of the most beautiful waterfalls in Thailand. Indulge in tranquillity by the views of these wonders of nature.


The island of Koh Samui is well known for its pristine beaches. Unknown to many, it is also home to a set of two stunning waterfalls. These two waterfalls are called by the same name, Namuang Waterfalls. Muang means purple in Thai; the waterfalls got their names as they flow over purple rocks that form the falls.

Features of the waterfalls

The first waterfall among the two you get to visit on your tour is the shortest; measuring over 18 metres tall, this waterfall boasts a beautiful pool that is formed at the foot of the cascade and is ideal to take a small dip and to cool off. The second waterfall is more impressive than the first towering over 80 metres tall. This waterfall is the most beautiful out of the two and this is because of the canopy that surrounds it. This too features a pool at the bottom where you can go for a swim.

Getting there and accommodation options

Located in the southern region of Koh Samui’s island, it takes an eleven-kilometre drive along the main road to reach the park entrance. The first waterfall can be reached by a 100-metre walk from the parking lot, while Na Muang 2 is a further 100 metres away along a more challenging path. You can find many accommodation options across the island of Koh Samui and one of the Samui resort worth considering as your accommodation choice is Anantara Bophut Koh Samui Resort.

Things to remember

No entry fees are charged from the visitors and beware that some tour guides may ask you money for access or assistance, this won’t be necessary as the route is easy to travel on your own. Wear appropriate clothing and don’t forget to bring your swimwear and wear quality sandals or walking shoes to enjoy the trail. The best time to visit here is during the months of September to November when the waterfalls can be witnesses in all its glory.

Intrigued by history, art and food, Lavinia Woolf is a writer who is passionate about the extraordinary and writes of the exhilarating and enchanting. Google+

Best Time of the Year to Visit Sri Lanka – A Land Like No Other!

Sri Lanka enjoys a complex climate due to its equatorial position which means regardless when you choose to travel, you are likely to enjoy good weather depending on where you are heading.

Down by the Beach

The best time to get yourself down to the stunning beaches in the south and west coasts which consists of Galle, Bentota, Koggala, and Unawatuna, is between the time period between December to March. Many hotels in down south, Sri Lanka including entities such as Mandara Hotels, enjoy a steady influx of beach lovers during this period.

Up in the hills

Nestled deep in the island’s hill country, Nuwara Eliya has a rather moderate climate than the sunny tropical coast. April is considered to be the best time to visit as the average temperature is around 20C.

Explore the Cultural Triangle

Located in the north, the island’s cultural triangle consists of Polonnaruwa, Anuradhapura, and Sigiriya, places which enjoy warm weather year-round. The time period between the months of May to September are quite dry with less humidity and is a good time to pay a visit.

Amidst the Jungles

Yala is one of the most popular wildlife parks on the island which attracts many nature lovers who wish to catch a glimpse of the elusive leopard. The best time to visit for an exciting safari is from February to June.

Intrigued by history, art and food, Lavinia Woolf is a writer who is passionate about the extraordinary and writes of the exhilarating and enchanting. Google+