Oman’s underwater charm; Snorkeling in Oman – Snorkel your way through an underwater paradise!

Oman is a nation that is blessed with an impressive coastline and a pristine ocean surrounding it. The beaches offer a variety of things to do for its visitors and snorkelling is one of them. Read on to know more about snorkelling in Oman.

man snorkling underwater


The crystal clear oceans of Oman support a variety of marine life including vibrant corals, reef fish, turtles, crustaceans and so much more making it an idyllic destination for snorkelling. One could even swim along these amazing creatures upon plunging into the oceans with their snorkel.

Where to do snorkelling

There is a huge network of Diving sites and snorkelling spots around there are also a myriad of dive schools which are run by European and American expats. You could rent snorkelling gear at surf shops that are located on popular beaches. Speaking of the destinations, you could do snorkelling in the beaches of Muskat, Musandam, Daymaniyat Islands and many other beach destinations.

Accommodation Options

Since beaches and snorkelling destinations are some of the most sought over Oman attractions, there are plenty of accommodation options located at close proximity to them. Located in the coastal city of Salalah, Al Baleed Resort Salalah by Anantara is an accommodation option worth considering since it is also located close to the beach.

Snorkelling conditions

The ocean temperature around Oman is very comfortable even during winter months the average temperature of the sea will be around 28 degree Celcius during the summer months it gets warmer. The best times to visit here is from November to January when the visibility and the water temperatures are ideal.

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Places to Visit while You are in Hua Hin – Top Highlights to Explore in Hua Hin

There are some highlights that no trip to Hua Hin would be complete without in terms of exploring all that Hua Hin has to offer. Here’s a rundown of the beach hotspot’s main point of interest.

Vana Nava

Vana Nava | Image Credit : Ahoerstemeier, Hua Hin hotels, CC BY-SA 3.0

Vana Nava
Regarded as Asia’s first ever Water Jungle, visitors based at any hotel in Hua Hin whether it’s the Holiday Inn Vana Nava Hua Hin or any other similar hotel should spend a day at this splash centre. Offering tourists a host of water bound rides including the country’s biggest water slide the venue also boasts the highest artificial waterfall in Asia, the Vana Nava Falls. The water park is also home to children’s zones and family oriented areas with refreshments and snacks also available on-site.

The Venezia
Only 15 minutes away from the heart of Hua Hin, this mega mall provides guests with a trip to Venice Italy without leaving the confines of the beach capital. Designed to resemble the European water city and divided by canals and stunning bridges, the mall also encompasses Gondolas and San Marco’s Bell. Even if shopping is not an option exploring this unique landscape is a treat for the senses.

Hua Hin Samphannam Floating Market
As one of Hua Hin’s most popular and unique retail hotspots, the Hua Hin Samphannam Floating Market is among the best floating thoroughfares in Thailand. With vendors on boats selling everything from Thai delicacies to bowls of Pad Thai, visitors can enjoy both a dining experience as well as a shopping spree in this unusual market place on the lake.

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Central Hong Kong – Everything you Need to Know about Central

Hands down the most cosmopolitan in the area while retaining Cantonese touches everywhere, Central Hong Kong is a seamless blend of contemporary modernity and tradition!

The Restaurants

When one takes a look at the best restaurants available here, it reads like a list of the world’s most star-studded chefs of Michelin star status. given the fact that most residents of the city have a penchant for the finer things in life. Some must-try places include the Lung Kong Heen, Ho Lee Fook, and Tim Ho Wan.

The Nightlife

In Hong Kong Central, the best nightlife takes place on the trendy streets of Lan Fwai Fong, and in the hip cocktail bars in SoHo. A carnival-like atmosphere can be enjoyed most days of the week after midnight! Top places include the Sevva Rooftop Bar, Volar which sees international DJ’s playing on most of the days and Ce La Vi Hong Kong, a sophisticated rooftop bar with chic vibes.

The Accommodation

Travellers will be faced with no shortage of places to find accommodation at, with many a Lan Kwai Fong hotel in Central including the likes of Lan Kwai Fong Hotel to more convenient bed and breakfasts and hostels being available as well.

Hotel Lobby - The lobby’s oriental design sets the mood of your stay

Image Credit: Lan Kwai Fong Hotel

The Retail Experiences

The best shopping here revolves around luxury brands and exclusive designer stores which feature cutting edge fashion. Luxury malls home to flagship stores by prestigious designers include The Landmark, the IFC Mall on Finance Street Central District and The Lanes.

Fritzjames Stephen is a travel writer, who writes content based on the myriad of experiences and indulgences that the world has to offer travellers across all walks of life. Google+