The Macau International Marathon – A Much-awaited Event!

The Macau International Marathon is an annual road running event which is held in the special administrative region of Macau adjacent to China. Read onto find out more!



The event was first held in the year 1981, which was organized by the Panda Running Club and was the very first international marathon ever to be held in the region. The running event sees the participation of a large number of foreign athletes as well!

The Race

The race which is sanctioned by the AIMS offers over three categories which include the classic, full half marathon and a mini-marathon consisting of 6.5 km. The marathon category has a cut -off time of five hours to be accessible to both amateur and elite athletes.

The Course

The course consists of a scenic out and back course loop which starts and finishes at the Macau Olympic Complex Stadium in the Cotai region, taking the participants through the islands of Taipa and Coloaneas well as the Macau City.

Other Information

The race has clearly gained international recognition, given the fact over 6000 athletes took part in the last year’s edition. Many people who flock to the city for the annual event can also find accommodation in many luxury hotels in Macau including the likes of Hotel Okura Macau

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Methods of Spa Treatments – Detach yourself from the stresses and strains

Spa treatments are more than just a routine or another way to stay healthy and disciplined. Simply put, it’s a combination of several elements to help one to regain both physical and mental stamina.


Being one of the most popular spa treatments, the history of massages dates back to many years back. It has derived from the Greek word ‘Masso’ which means touch. There are a wide variety of massage techniques and types. If you are on a holiday in Maldives, you’ll find a plethora of accommodation like Adaaran Resorts which features some of the best Maldives spa resorts.


Facials are regarded as the second most popular spa treatments. It will enable to rejuvenate and repair your skin, cleaning the pores to give you a better complexion and image. This therapeutic treatment begins with a cleansing using sponges to clean away grease. Facials comprise some basic steps knows as cleanse, exfoliate, extract, massage, and mask.

Body treatments

Facial skin is not the only area that requires moisturizing and exfoliation. The idea behind a body treatment is to hydrate your skin similar to that of your face. In other words, full body treatments will leave your skin feeling soft and velvety smooth. After a rejuvenating treatment, feel extremely relaxed filled with optimism.

Medical treatments

Majority of medical spa treatments under the guidance of a medical director. Some of its core services include mild chemical peels, laser hair removal, tissue tightening, and acne treatments.

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A visit to the Royal Botanical Garden in Adelaide – An idyllic place to visit during your vacation

Get ready to be amazed seeing an exquisite display of plants and amazing architecture upon visiting the Royal Botanical Garden in Adelaide. Read on to know more about this amazing destination.

Botanic Gardens, Adelaide

Botanic Gardens, Adelaide | Image Credit : smalljude, Botanic Gardens, Adelaide, CC BY 2.0


Spanning over an area of whopping 51-hectares The Adelaide Botanic Garden is a public garden located at the north-east corner of the Adelaide city. There is also a zoo located adjacent to the park. The park comes under the direct administration of Botanic Gardens and State Herbarium of South Australia which is a statuary authority of the government.

A bit of History

During the initial stages of drawing the map for the city of Adelaide, Colonel William Light wanted to include a garden to the city a botanical garden to be precise. So here selected an area that had formed by the River Torrens It was not until 1854, after many appeals to the government the governor Henry Young approved the establishment of a garden at the location.

What awaits your at the garden today

Today the garden boasts an exquisite display of plants that are native to Australia and houses many attractions including iconic buildings, water bodies and rock gardens. These attractions are scattered across the garden premises and each one of them is a spectacle to watch.

Getting there and accommodation facilities

Reaching the garden is pretty easy; you can arrive here by a taxi from almost all parts of the Adelaide. The Garden is also surrounded by a plethora of exquisite accommodation options the likes of iStay Precinct and many other holiday apartments in Adelaide where you could plan your stay after a tiring day of exploration.

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