About Seychelles – Everything you’ve wanted to know

Known for being a luxury island among the seas, Seychelles is a coveted vacation haven that is open to an all kinds of travellers.

The island

Located in the Indian Ocean, Seychelles is an island republic that consists of 115 islands. Vegetation, beaches and marine life are abundant in these islands, and therefore, attract many a visitor throughout the year. The bigger islands in Seychelles are close to Kenya and the capital, Victoria, is on Mahe.


The climate at Seychelles is mainly tropical and the temperature sees almost no variation through the year. You can expect the hotter day to be extremely humid, but the winds offer some comfort for the visitor. A resort in Seychelles will usually come with air-conditioned rooms, so you’d have nothing to worry about unless you plan on heading out of your room at a place like Berjaya Beau Vallon Bay Resort & Casino, and are opting for a sunny day out.

Flora and Fauna

There are more than 200 species that call the islands their home, and about 80 of them are endemic. Turtles, giant tortoises, colourful birds and frogs, snakes and chameleons are also a common sight in Seychelles.

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Mysterious Sigiriya Rock Fortress – The 8th Wonder of the World

Locally known as the 8th Wonder of the World, this ancient ruin brings in thousands of visitors every year from all over the world.


If you ask for a place to visit, the best hotels in Sigiriya will point you in the direction of this mighty rock fortress. Lying close to the towns of Habarana and Dambulla, the Sigiriya Fortress is a mammoth rock that stands about 370m above sea level.

Image Credit: Sigiriya Jungles

Going up

Set amidst ponds, fountains, gardens and more, Sigiriya is best explored by way of a fascinating climb up the rock fortress. When you stay at a place like Sigiriya Jungles, the mighty rock is within easy reach, ideal for getting there early to begin your ascent. On the way up you will also get a chance to see the famed rock frescoes that are sometimes referred to as the “Sigiriya maidens”.


Since the 3rd century BC, the plateau of the Sigiriya rock served as a monastery and after the 5th century, King Kasyapa ended up building his own royal residence in the place instead. Following the end of his rule, the rocky ruin became a Buddhist monastery yet again, only to be abandoned in the late 14th century.

Once you reach the top

The climb to see the ruins on top of Sigiriya makes for a great adventure, and the views certainly won’t let you down. You can look upon acres of forests that have a backdrop of misty mountains and endless skies.

Sigiriya-gardens from the rock1.jpg

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Auburn Silver is a travel writer who has a passion for fashion and a deep interest in admiring new and exotic attractions around the world.


Over Water Bungalow Stay: Why it’s a must have experience – The Ultimate Vacation Getaway

If you’re a fan of beach-bound getaways and breath-taking views of sprawling blue ocean, then an over-water bungalow encounter is an essential experience because there’s nothing quite like it.


The Origins of the Over-Water Concept

Despite their traditional designs, over-water bungalows are a fairly new concept and appeared during the 1960s. They first popped up in the French Polynesian island of Moorea in a resort owned by Californians who were inspired to construct these striking abodes based on a novel they read.

The Modern Water Bungalow


In the present day, one nation that is synonymous with over-water bungalows is the Maldives. The 5 star resorts in Maldives with examples such as Adaaran Prestige Water Villas have pioneered the concept to the point of it becoming an art form.

Distinctive Design Features

Most over-water bungalows are designed with very humble exteriors to portray traditional architecture associated with their tropical setting. The interiors however boast five-star luxury, with a hallmark feature being the ‘Tahitian Television’, which involves a glass floor which allows inhabitants to gaze into the water below.

The Experience

Over-water bungalows have become synonymous with romance, which is why they are particularly popular with vacationing couples and honeymooners. It’s a breathtakingly beautiful and uncompromisingly luxurious affair that can be enjoyed in isolation and complemented with personalised service.

Auburn Silver is a travel writer who has a passion for fashion and a deep interest in admiring new and exotic attractions around the world. Google+