Facts You Should Know About Hangzhou – A city with a rich cultural heritage

Known as the ‘Historic and Cultural City’ of China, Hangzhou is a city that speaks volumes of the rich cultural heritage and rewarding history of fascinating China. Read on to know more facts.

Nanxun Ancient Water Town

Nanxun Ancient Water Town | Image Credit : Stefan Fussan creator QS:P170,Q17227845, Nanxun – Ancient water town – 0081, CC BY-SA 3.0

Glorious history

Hangzhou is a fascinating city that draws implications to a rewarding history. It’s one of the seven ancient capitals in China that has been called the ‘Cultural and Historic City’. This 2200-year-old city’s history dates back to the period of the Qin dynasty. The city started flourishing after it was being connected with the north via the Grand Canal.

World Heritage Sites

The West Lake is an iconic attraction in the city and it has gained extra popularity the world over for its scenic beauty featuring a perfect combination of temples, ornamental trees, gardens, and artificial islands. If you’re staying at one of the many Hangzhou apartments the likes of Ascott Raffles City Hangzhou, this attraction is 21 minutes away. You should not miss a boat ride along the Grand Canal to uncover the glorious history of the city.


Needless to say, tea culture is an important element of the city. Hangzhou is known as the ‘capital of tea in China’ and it’s the birthplace of famous Dragon Well Tea. If you’re interested, you can experience a memorable Dragon Well Tea Culture Tour to learn the art of tea making and picking tea leaves.

Ancient water towns

If you want to spend some time in one of Hangzhou’s water town, head over to Nanxun Water Town. Walking alongside the canal of this picturesque town will make you feel as if you’re walking around China’s past.

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Discover Amazing Oman – The Al Hoota Cave of Oman: A Slice of Nature

Apart from the Omani culture and its rich history, the country also boasts a few wonders of nature as well. The age-old Al Hoota Cave is just one of these natural jewels here. Venturing through the cave is one of the best things to do in Nizwa.


This natural cave is located in the Al Hamra district by the foot of Jabal Shams. The cave was made open to the public to commemorate the 17th National Day of Oman. It is thought to be over 2 million years old. For those searching for places to stay, Anantara Al Jabal Al Akhdar Resort is a hotel situated close by.

The inside

The cave stretches to about 4.5 km. However, only 500m is open for exploration. The cave tour with a guide lasts about 45 minutes. The guide will make a few stops and relate the stories and history of special spots in the cave.

The ecosystem

Two lakes flow through the Al Hoota Cave. These are home to a rare type of blind fish. As for the animal species here, the cave shelters bats, spiders, arthropods and many more critters that pop out from here and there.


Inside the cave, bridges and lights have been built for the cave to be approachable. The electric equipment is mostly remote controlled. Therefore, once tours are over, guides will turn off the electrical items so that it does not hinder animals.

Auburn Silver is a travel writer who has a passion for fashion and a deep interest in admiring new and exotic attractions around the world. Google+

Facts about Chengdu – The first ever city of gastronomy

Chengdu is found in the southwest of China, the capital of Sichuan province. Acting as the transport hub for the entire region, most travellers exploring the south west of China can stop by and see for themselves all the city has to offer.

Plenty of pandas!

If you like pandas, Chengdu is the place to visit. Home to China’s magnificent giant pandas, tourists and locals can view this animal in its natural habitat. The panda is a strong symbol of China; therefore, pandas are heavily protected by the government. Roughly 45 minutes from Citadines South Chengdu, the Panda Breeding and Research Centre gives an insight on how much Pandas are really valued in China.

The spicy food

Chengdu is found in the Sichuan province; therefore, it goes without saying that the food found in the city is quite spicy. The regional cuisine will take your taste buds on a real adventure, the spicy hot pot being the most popular dish! Step out of your Chengdu accommodation every once in a while, to experiment with the cuisine.

A record

It is in Chengdu that you’ll find the worlds largest single building – the New Century Global Centre. Having opened in 2013, the building was designed to be a self-contained town. 18 floors high, you’ll find a water park, IMAX theatre, 2 hotels with 1000 rooms and numerous shops inside of this building.

Sichuan opera

When in Chengdu, don’t miss out on the traditional Sichuan Opera! Acrobatics, fire-spitting, and illusionists are regular special features you’ll find in Sichuan Opera.

Auburn Silver is a travel writer who has a passion for fashion and a deep interest in admiring new and exotic attractions around the world. Google+