Visit Bondi Beach – The Perfect Seaside Escape

Image by penreyes via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Where is Bondi Beach?
This famed beach can be found in the suburb of Bondi, 7 km from the Sydney CBD and around 8 km from Darling Harbour. Hotels in the area make an ideal base from which to visit this beach which can be easily reached by public bus or train services.

Bondi for sunbathing & swimming
The sun-drenched shores of Bondi Beach, just a 20 minute drive from city accommodation options the likes of Oaks Goldsbrough Apartments, are perfect for working on your tan. The waters are great for swimming too so be on the lookout for flags posted indicating the safe swimming areas. Another popular option is the Bondi Baths, a 50 metre saltwater pool open to the public.

Bondi for surfing
Bondi Beach is also well-loved amongst surfers, many of whom can be found on the southern end of the shore. If you are a novice, have no fear for you can easily find group or private classes offered by pro surfers.

Bondi for shopping & dining
Shopaholics can head to Gould Street where you will find a range of Australian designers, while not to be missed are the colourful Bondi Farmers Market and the Bondi Markets held on Saturday and Sunday respectively. When hunger strikes, head to one of the many cafés and bars in and around Campbell Parade.

Secluded beach gateways in Bali – Where sunset is more than a reverie

You can just imagine how stunning the coastlines would be in a place that is often referred to as the Island of the Gods. The air still cool with fresh breeze is what any tourist would crave for. But then, why choose Bali for your private beach getaways? The reason is simple. The sea is calm, yet the tide is full – just what you look for.

Kuta Beach

What strikes you more than anything here is the stunning sunset. This is also flanked by enough eateries to satisfy your taste buds. You can also look for surfboards and lounge chairs which are available for rent.

Balangan Beach

Take a while to take in its formation: long and the rocky cliffs. And those palm trees in the surrounding guarantees protection from the scorching sun, if you happen to hang around during the daytime. The distant scenery of sun umbrellas and surfer bars could be more than tempting to visit Balangan Beach.

Balian beach

Flickr user: Edie209, Balian Beach Sunset, CC BY 2.0 Via Wikimedia Commons

Flickr user: Edie209 Beach SunsetCC BY 2.0 Via Wikimedia Commons

Now, if you are a surf pro, you shall not miss Balian beach. The beach is quite popular for its dunes and knolls and you can get more information on best beach getaways in Bali from travel blogs such as Sandy Beach Trips. The evening is the best time to visit the beach. There are other water sports such as bodysurfing. The beach is also home to an eclectic range of eateries

Sanur Beach

Sanur Beach’s cleanliness is simply impeccable. That is such a sight to see. This five-kilometre beach is ideal for surfers. Sanur is one of the most beautiful – as well as popular – beaches. The beach has a plenty of activities such as sun-tanning. Despite its popularity, you will also find a relaxed atmosphere here.

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The Carnival of Venice – Get your masks ready!

The Carnival of Venice: A Spirited Affair , Image credit –

The “Venice Carnevale” or carnival is one of the most famous festivals in Italy kicks off in the district of Rio di Cannaregio with an amazing free water show. This annual carnival comes alive with concerts, grand balls, parades and performances.

When is it held?

Who doesn’t like the idea of seeing the entire city at its most colourful and festive? This event attracts people from all over the world and it involves months of preparations. This year, the carnival was held from the 27th January to 13th February 2018 and usually, it takes place in the days leading up to Lent.

History of Carnevale

Carnevale is derived from the Latin words ‘carnem’ and ‘levare’, meaning ‘farewell to meat.’ Eating meat, fats, sugar and even parties were off limits during the 40 days of Lent. Therefore, people get rid of their food and drink and they get their partying out of the way too.

Get your masks ready!

Masking in Venice has a long history. Way back in 1268, a law was passed to ban throwing perfumed eggs and putting on masks. Masks were a fixture of these celebrations by the time of Renaissance. If you are going to be in this part of the country during the Carnevale grab your masks and be prepared to be truly mesmerised. You can get more information on blogs such as Events and Festivals Blog which offers a plethora of information on popular festivals related to seasons.

The Carnevale today

The Venice Carnevale today is a huge celebration. This 14-day festival requires invitations for events the likes of the opulent masquerade balls and has steep ticket prices while street performances and concerts are open and free to the public.


The Carnevale of Venice dates back to 1162 when the local people celebrated a victory over Aquileia and Patriarch according to the tradition.  This event attracts thousands of spectators from around the world every year. Although the festival initiated in the 13thcentury, it was declined during the 18th century.

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